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The Fifth Wheel

Just lurking in the background

The Amazing Invisible Girl

If I were any more subtle, I really would be invisible. My powers are such that I can disappear in plain sight. Even in a crowd. Even when that crowd is only two or three people. Go me!

I live in the Middle of Nowhere now. Turned my hair blue green back to (fried) normal and have gone back to being The Cashier. For some reason I really enjoy working customer service. Still married, and the world still hasn't ended. Imagine that. I write. It's rubbish. Fun to do, but it's still rubbish. Am quite capable of being passive-aggressive, or sometimes lying like hell to keep the peace. Don't mind it, is nothing personal: I just like peace.

Also, I'm learning the ways of the craftninja. I will get back into cosplay, damn it.

So come and talk to me then, if you like. I'll answer to lots of things, even stuff like "Hey you" or "Dude" ^_^

007, 300, 42, aliens, anime, archaeology, archery, army of darkness, art, astrology, astronomy, aziraphale, bdsm, bishounen, blackjack, blood, blowing up shit, books, boy meets boy, burning stuff, calligraphy, candles, cappuccino, cats, cho hakkai, collecting stuff, computers, cosplay, costuming, crafting, creating worlds, crowley, daydreaming, desserts, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreams, drinking songs, drippy candles, eeeeville, elves, elvis, esp, evil, evil doctors, explosives, fae, fantasy, fencing, fighterdoken, fire, flowers, full moons, genjo sanzo, glow-in-the-dark stuff, gojyo/hakkai, good omens, gorillaz, guns, hakuryu, halloween, hard rock, heat guy j, hellsing, insanity, inside jokes, joike, jousting, knives, kougaiji, lighters, lord of the rings, mad scientists, magic, manga, medieval stuff, middle ages, monty python, morrowind, mozenrath, mst3k, multiple personalities, muse, music, mystery science theater 3000, mysticism, mythology, night, ninjas, pagan, painting, palaeontology, paranormal, photography, pinball wizardry, pink floyd, pirates, plotbunnies, pocky, psionics, psychology, pyrokinesis, ranting, reading, rock, role playing, rpgs, running gags, saiyans, saiyuki, saiyuki reload, saizo, samurai deeper kyo, savage garden, sci-fi, sewing, sha gojyo, shiny stuff, shot glasses, singing, slash, snakes, son goku, song parodies, sorcery, strange relationships, swimming, swords, tea, telekinesis, the far side, the storm riders, the wheel of time, vampires, webcomics, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, werewolves, whips, witches, wizardry 8, writing, yaoi, yukimura sanada, yukimuraxsaizo, yuri, zoning out